Article 1 - Contractual object

ELDOLINK® is a publisher of Internet websites dedicated to well-being.
The contents offered by ELDOLINK® are available free of charge or via paying access.
The security of transactions made on the websites published by ELDOLINK® - direct purchase and subscription - are operated by THIRD PARTY PAYMENT PROCESSORS.

THE PARTNER is an independent entity who benefits from an audience on the Internet through their publishing activity and/or activities.

THE PARTNER commits to promote ELDOLINK® websites using advertising tools supplied by ELDOLINK® and used on their websites and/or any other supports, with the agreement of the parties in question.
ELDOLINK® grants THE PARTNER a commission on the sales revenue generated by their activity.

Article 2 - Caveat

THE PARTNER explicitly and unreservedly recognizes that:

• ELDOGENCY (ELDOLINK®) is not a health care professional and the information given on this website or supplied at the request of a user are only in support of a personal endeavor to lose weight and do not constitute a diagnostic or medical treatment.

• Using the websites and the tools provided on the websites published by ELDOLINK® does not dispense the user from consulting a doctor, and, in case of pathology, from following a course of medical treatment; consulting a doctor is, in any event, strongly recommended before using the websites.

• Using the contents and tools provided by ELDOLINK® on these websites does not substitute a personalized and individualized consultation with a dietitian.

• The contents and tools provided by ELDOLINK® on these websites are only meant to support the motivation of the user and do not provide nutritional advice.

• These contents and tools shall not be used by pregnant or nursing women.

• Any access to ELDOLINK® websites is prohibited to minors, to which these websites are not aimed at.

• The contents and tools available on ELDOLINK® websites are aimed at individuals who are in good health, who do not suffer from any psychological or physical pathologies and who wish to lose weight for personal comfort reasons.

• The user is responsible to ensure they are in good health before subscribing and using the ELDOLINK® websites.

• The choice to undertake a weight-loss program and the frequency with which this is done is under the sole responsibility of the user who is not satisfied with their weight.

Article 3 - ELDOLINK®'s obligations

ELDOLINK® commits to take all the necessary measures to ensure their services are functioning properly. However, in reason of the nature of the Internet itself, ELDOLINK® cannot be held responsible for the malfunctioning of the servers hosting the contents or possible problems which could occur with the statistical interface.
ELDOLINK® commits not to divert Internet users sent by THE PARTNER towards websites which do not generate a commission.
ELDOLINK® commits to take all the necessary measures to provide THE PARTNER with the advertising tools allowing THE PARTNER to lead part of their audience towards their websites.
ELDOLINK® commits to proceed to the payment of the commissions within the contractual deadlines, unless circumstances out of their control dictate otherwise.
As the Data Protection Officer, ELDOLINK® undertakes to respect the amended law - 6 January 1978 - relative to computing, files and freedoms and the General Data Protection Regulation - 27 April 2016

Article 4 - The PARTNER's obligations

THE PARTNER commits to respect the Intellectual Property Code. Thus, the use of objectionable expressions, of the brand or website name is strictly prohibited.
THE PARTNER declares having no hierarchical relationship with ELDOLINK®.
The PARTNER is prohibited to operate any form of unsolicited advertising.
THE PARTNER undertakes never to collect and process data without the prior consent of those persons concerned.
THE PARTNER commits to respecting the amended law -  January 6, 1978 - relative to the computing, files and freedoms and the General Data Protection Regulation of April 27, 2016.
At the request of ELDOGENCY, the PARTNER undertakes to justify to ELDOGENCY the origin of the e-mail addresses present in its database.
The PARTNER further undertakes to exclude from the databases used for ELDOLINK® campaigns the e-mail addresses listed in the blacklist file: blacklist-rgpd.csv
If the PARTNER does not comply with these rules, the PARTNER will be excluded from the ELDOLINK® program without prejudice to any proceedings which may be brought against it by ELDOGENCY SAS.
The PARTNER commits not to mislead the final user about the price of the service.
The PARTNER commits to promote ELDOLINK®'s services on websites of which the contents is in accordance with current French and European legislation.
The PARTNER is prohibited any deceptive commercial practice - such as fake allegations, indications or representations, or which are misleading by their nature - relating to the properties and results that can be expected from the use of the products and services commercialized by ELDOLINK®.

Article 5 - Statistics and payment

The payment of the commissions due to the PARTNER will be made by bank transfer within 30 days of the end of the month, from a minimum of €200 not including VAT.
The PARTNER will be able to find out about their commission statistics by connecting to their personal space on the ELDOLINK® website.

If THE PARTNER recommends a new PARTNER (thereafter referred to as "THE NEW PARTNER") via their referral link, and if ELDOLINK® signs an agreement similar to which they have signed with the PARTNER with the NEW PARTNER, the PARTNER shall be payed a commission for each NEW PARTNER.
This commission shall be 5% of the turnover made by the NEW PARTNER over 12 months.

ELDOLINK® cannot be held responsible for potential issues resulting from the statistics interface. Any malfunction noticed by ELDOLINK® shall be communicated to THE PARTNER via email.

Article 6 - Commissions

The commission regulations are available for consultation on and are subject to change without prior notice by ELDOLINK®.

Article 7 - Duration

The partnership agreement is valid for a period of twelve months and starts from the day of acceptation as the subscription on the platform is completed.
The present partnership shall be tacitly renewed for a subsequent twelve months period unless terminated by sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt at least two months before the end of the contract.
The Eldolink® team is working 24/7 and 365 days a year. Your audience is constantly monetized!

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